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/ things i forget i need when i try to make a shopping list /
MicroSD cards- 32gb+ reputable brands only (PNY, SanDisk, Samsung, etc)
External storage- as a Wii U drive 2TB limit & must be powered/use a Y cable
Bass picks- 0.80mm nylon Dunlop
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) case- durable but not rugged, kickstand, NO screen cover
this is so frustrating... no matter how i go about it,
my mind goes absolutely blank when i try to make note of this
kind of stuff. Every single day i say to myself "this shit drives me
nuts.. i have GOT to invest in _____ so i can finally ____!"
& I don't mean, like, all kinds of different stuff. It's the
same handful of things all the time, but i can never remember
to order them when i've actually got a bit of folding money.

/ PT Cruiser Tiny Tank /
i always thought these were terrible looking cars, but
the stars aligned & after eight years with no car or license
a good family friend sold me her 2001 Limited Edition mobel
for a cool $2500USD. despite it's flaws, i love that damn car
& have plans to upgrade it to a chonky off-road tiny tank.
it's gonna take a long time, but i'll document plans & progress here!